Artist Statement

"My art reflects the memories of sunlight at various stages in my life.” These words describe a lifelong relationship between Herb Pulliam and the love of nature and all its wonders interpreted from his subconscious onto canvas. “These paintings are actually a collage of different elements as seen throughout my traveling experiences melded with emotional imagery of those recollections.” From childhood, being raised in Appomattox, Virginia near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Herb has a respect and awe of the sun’s influence on different moods. Whether the vista is daybreak or twilight, clear sky or overcast, the presence of sunlight in his work is always powerful. Mountains are reduced to abstract lines dwarfed by the brilliance of light. A seascape emits motion not in the water, but above it. “My purpose is to create enough of an image on canvas to allow viewers to insert their own imagination and experience. Therefore the emotion is an intimate one comprised of the ethereal depiction on canvas coupled with the personal memories evoked by the viewer."
- Herb Pulliam

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